Saturday, February 23

Spring Bulbs and an Indoor Picnic

Each winter, around Christmas, many stores can be found selling flower bulbs.  I always buy some to give away as Christmas presents and to force bulbs in February at home.  We found a variety of bulbs at the hardware store and food store this year and I ended up buying more than usual.

Some came with the special glass jar for holding the bulb.  It is a great way for children to watch the growing process- first with the roots and then the green shoot and last the flower.  My daughters get so excited to see the first sign of the blossom and what color it is.

                                       We planted these in soil and added rocks to the top.

                             These are sitting on the top of spice jars and surrounded by gravel.

This little bulb is sitting on a rock inside the jar and the roots are submerged in water. Be careful not to let the bulb sit in water-it will rot- just the roots in water.

And for fun, a cute little photo of a recent indoor picnic- perhaps inspired by all the flowers?  It made me think that just a few props- blanket, picnic basket, play food and dishes can inspire great play.


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