Wednesday, February 6

Number Go- Fish

Today my youngest asked to play a game.  She got out the skip-bo cards but since I've never really played skip-bo,  we settled on playing go-fish with the cards instead.  

Playing the game reminded me how great Go-Fish is for practicing numerals and letters.  In fact, I'm thinking of making up one for practicing sight words.

The skip-bo cards were actually pretty good for this game since the card is simple in appearance and font.

She loved playing, so I know we'll be playing Go-Fish again soon, in some form or other.


jk said...

Have you played war or Uno with her yet? I bet you have! We also received what looks like a wonderful game called Sleeping Princesses for Christmas which I have been told my girls will love, but have not gotten it out yet. So many wonderful games - have to rotate them!

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